Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sue Sinclair "Orpheus Meets Eurydice in the Underworld"

Still limping, she has come. She waits at the foot of the hill, doesn't dare go any further, remembers how it once vanished under her feet.

She has spent the time thinking about her wedding day, tracing the mark on her ankle where the serpent bit. It hasn't healed yet; perhaps it won't until he comes back. She has never desired his death, but wished for it as one wishes for rain.

The steep hill, where it led and couldn't lead. So many times.

When he arrives he looks more tired than she can understand. The lyre has vanished; they stand together silently.

Even as she remembers his face, she loses something else. She has been alone so long now; how often she has stood here, how much she has wanted to climb.

She takes him home, puts him to bed, then slips in beside him. His childhood bed, too short for him now; they will have to find another.

They waken slowly. As ghosts they pass through each other's bodies, she puts her hand into his heart. He has been worried she would forget.

They play in the fields, run races, drift through tall grasses carelessly, as only those who have had to wait forever can. They have a private sign language; no one speaks in this place, even the streams are silent.

Sometimes when they are walking she teases him, falls behind. He looks over his shoulder again and again: there she is. They never tire of this game.

Southwest Corner of Orange and Carmarthen


Blogger Alain said...

You have a blog!!! The world no longer makes any sense!! I'm joking, of course. Pretty cool blog, it already looks better than mine (I'm quite poor at creating a "pretty" blog).

1:42 PM  
Blogger Panik said...

I saw this today for the first time.
I must be blind because I walk by it everyday.
Fun idea.

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